Our guiding principles

The joy of learning results of self-confidence. Mutual appreciation promotes learning success. Learning is most effective when learners are able to control their learning process themselves and incorporate their previous know-how. Knowledge is deepened and consolidated in close cooperation between learners and teachers.

The major basic questions to be addressed are:

What do you know?
What do you want to know?
What are your interests?
What do you enjoy?

The implementation of the guiding principles is reviewed in regular intervals.

Encouragement for planning

Interest, motivation and a strong will to experience and to learn develop on the basis of self-confidence, self-consciousness and a positive assessment of one’s own abilities only. In order to be effective, valuable support planning must therefore be developed together with the student. The first step is to become aware of one’s own abilities. The questions to be answered are:

What are you good at?
What do you like to do?

These questions should be answered as comprehensively as possible. Family life, hobbies, leisure time and school should be considered equally. If the student is aware of his/her resources, he/she will be able develop interest and motivation to continue his/her research. The questions to be addressed:

What do you want to know more in-depth?
What do you want to learn?
Where do you want to increase your knowledge?

What do you need?
What kind of support assists you? ?
What can you contribute?

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