Im Angebot: Coaching für Lehrpersonen Primar- und Sekundarstufe



Learning support

Introductory session FREE
Online lessons50 min
60 min
CHF 90
CHF 105
Private lessons 50 min
60 min
80 min
90 min
CHF 100
CHF 115
CHF 145
CHF 170
Group lessons (2–3 students) 50 min
60 min
80 min
90 min
CHF 80
CHF 95
CHF 110
CHF 135

Absences reported up to 24 hours in advance will not be charged. In case of illness please report immediately by SMS or email. Firm inscriptions are considered to be valid for a minimum duration of one quarter/3 months. Invoices are issued on a monthly basis and payable within 14 days. Notice period: 1 month before the end of Quintal (start of school holidays).


Counselling for pupils 60 min CHF 110
Counselling for parents 60 min CHF 160
Counselling for teachers 60 min CHF 190
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