Learning support

Learning support Counselling

Learning support

We teach learning strategies and apply them to awaken the joy of learning. The personal experience of achievement and success strengthens self-confidence, assists to reduce anxiety of exams and enhances personal involvement. The learning guidance starts with an initial interview and a learning status assessment. The process is defined, among other things, by regular reviews of the achieved developments.

Tuition, homework assistance

In Mathematics, Geometry, German, French and English we offer tutoring and homework support for all grades. Learning strategies that have a lasting effect on the learning process are also taught. The focus here is pointed towards joy in learning.

“Gymi” admission exam preparations

We offer exam preparation courses in German, French and Mathematics. Pupils become familiar with the nature and scope of the tasks and learn how to cope with them. Through appropriate application of learning strategies and strengthening of self-confidence, the students are optimally prepared for the admission examination to the “Gymnasium”.

Support for pupils with special educational needs

We support pupils who need more intensive attention for their learning and advancement. In the first personal contact the individual needs are assessed and discussed and the necessary program is created.

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