Learning support Counselling


Support for pupils in conflict situations

For more than ten years we were active in violence prevention at the public school (see About). With this vast experience, we advise children and young people in difficult situations and cooperate to seeking solutions together.

Parent counselling in school and family matters

Parents are the most important abilities’ unfolders for children up to puberty.
Roman Rüdiger

Family life is full of beauty, but conflicts are also part of every day’s life. Puberty is challenging for young people and parents. We are happy to support you with problem solutions and questions.

New Counselling on ADHS/ADS for both pupils and parents

Counselling for teachers in classroom management, interacting with pupils and parents

The challenges in everyday school life are demanding for everyone involved. In-depth knowledge helps to break new grounds in difficult situations. Our experience in coaching with young teachers and the training of second career new teachers evolves into our consulting services.

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